28 Things to do Before I Die

1.  Earn a Ph. D. in Social Work

2.  Write a book

3.  Live in a non-Western, Spanish-speaking country for at least one year

4.  Become fluent in Spanish

5.  Run three marathons

6.  Play the piano with a symphony orchestra

7.  Live in Virginia

8.  Get another BA or Masters degree

9.  See a flamenco performance in southern Spain

10.  Backpack in Switzerland

11.  Surprise R with a visit

12.  Befriend someone famous

13.  Be a psychotherapist

14.  Work with SMD population

15.  Make All-Conference for soccer (check)

16.  Live on a farm

17.  Hike the entire Appalachian Trail in Fall

18.  Go to Dominican Republic with T

19.  Give a solo piano recital (check)

20.  Graduate from undergrad with at least a 3.8 (check)

21.  See an opera in the New York Met.  Twice.

22.  Attend a protest as a participant

23.  Coach soccer

24.  Skydive

25.  Learn to drive in Columbus rush hour traffic (check, but still in process)

26.  Hug Seoung Joo again

27.  Make a friend on all 7 continents

28.  See a Buckeye game in the horse shoe

*Last updated 9-15-08


~ by Eva on September 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “28 Things to do Before I Die”

  1. When did you write this list? Are you still adding things to it? I’ve only done two of the things on your list — live in H’burg (I recommend it!) and meet someone famous (Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter).

  2. Hi, Rachel. 🙂 I first wrote this list two or three years ago, but I edit it as my passions, interests, hopes, dreams change. Most of it is still the same though. You lived in the Burg?? I love that city. This is maybe a dumb question, but would you happen to be Mennonite, or what drew you there? College?

  3. Oops… this is Rachel Smith. Maybe that answers your questions. 🙂 I thought I’d live here for a couple years after college, but I’ve been here for 8 post-college years and have no plans to leave…

  4. Well, Rachel, I keep virtually running into you in places I don’t expect. Thanks for reading my blog. Perhaps one day we will both be living in Harrisonburg. How are your residents going to be this year?

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