Auntie Anne

I am going to meet Auntie Anne tonight.

I played an $80,000 concert grand piano today.  It was in a piano store and I played many of the other beautiful ladies too.

I ate a piece of cheesecake today that needs a whole blog post just for itself.

Best of all…

The whole day was spent with my best friend R, who is self-proclaimed “fabulous.”


~ by Eva on December 19, 2008.

8 Responses to “Auntie Anne”

  1. An 80 grand grand piano…Schnikes! Did your fingers or legs tremble at it’s magnificence?

  2. Actually, there was a $30,000 Charles R. Walters at that store that I preferred.

  3. It was much more in my price range too.

  4. But, come on, are they really that much better than Steinway & Sons?

  5. Actually. This one was. R was the one sitting at it when we both first sat down (I was at the piano beside her) and as she played the first few notes we both looked at each other, beholden… stunned… in awe.

  6. I believe I’m more than familiar with this intimacy you have with soccer. I’m thankful to know that this prayer I had for you is coming to pass :o)

  7. Embarrassing. Excuse me as I move to the adjacent window and repost that in it’s proper place.

  8. On second glance, I guess I can’t repost it after all. So much for me being tech. savvy.

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