The Case of the Missing Bra

I’m almost always jubilant at work.  It fills me to overflowing.  There was a lady just last night who said to me, “I sleep better when I know you’re on the premises.”  And I had another little victory with a different lady the other day.  Her name is Kate and she is very persnickety.  She’s 98 (I think), has lived there (in the assisted-living place where I work) since I started almost five years ago, and she is one of my favorite residents.

So here’s how the little victory went… I had just gotten to work and I walked into her room.  She was sitting in her wheel chair with her back to me and after she heard my jubilant greeting as I walked in, she turned to face me and with an indignant smolder in her eyes she said, “I have something to tell you… I’m mad.”

Now, I’ve known this woman quite awhile and I’ve long since caught on to her.  In instances like this one must never, ever, ever try to tell her she doesn’t need to be mad.  So I didn’t.  I parried her verbal blow by unleashing my most cheerful grin accompanied by, “Ok.  Tell me about it.”

Then I heard the story.  The girls (the morning workers)… they did her laundry.  And they folded it (they’re not supposed to).  And they brought it to her room and put it away (they’re not supposed to).  And she has four bras, but there are only three.  String ’em up by the noose!

Once I got the details I assured her that I would personally take on The Case of the Missing Bra.  I said it just like that too, cause she was still mad, but I knew I could make her laugh.  She wasn’t ready to laugh yet though and that was fine.

I wheeled her down to supper and after I asked her what she wanted to eat, she said she thought she just wanted some hot chocolate.  That is VERY unusual for her and I didn’t try to hide my astonishment.  In fact, I embellished it, complete with a slap on the table and a, “Well, I’ll be!”  THEN she laughed.

And I won… I got her to laugh.  Eventually found her bra.  And did it all without any head-on collisions.

Gosh, I love her.  I love manipulating her into happiness too.


~ by Eva on December 26, 2008.

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  1. Bravo!

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