People In My Life

So, I mentioned that my life is chuck full of amazing people and I’ve decided make a list of some of them.  These are in no particular order:

~  Mudder & Fadder (they raised me, so it goes without saying, right?;  j/k)

~  Too-Good-to-Describe Brother

~  Fills-My-Life-With-Joy Sister

~  Knows-Me-Better-Than-Anyone Best Friend R

~  13-Years-of-Laughter Best Friend T

~  Love-Him-To-Pieces Younger Cousin B

~  Close Friend/Older Cousin B

~  Cousins T & A

~  Uncle J

~  Grandpa & Grandma/Friend V

~  Taught-Me-To-Belch Aunt H

~  Numerous other family members (I have an astounding family, both sides)

~  Friend K from Semester at Sea

~  Soul Sister/Kindred Spirit SJ from Korea (YWAM)

~  What-Would-I-Have-Done-Without-Her Friend M from Montana (YWAM)

~  Friendships-Can-Survive-Long-Distances Friend T from Montana (YWAM)

~  Coworker/Friend/Fellow-Cold-Stone-Lover A

~  Pickle Man

~  Dear, dear Soccer Friend E

~  Fellow-Palestinian-At-Heart/Life-Long Friend B

~  Opera Singer Friend K

~  How-Did-I-Survive-Last-Quarter-Without-You E

~  Far Away Friend P

~  Coworker-and-Counselor-To-Be J

~  Coworker-and-Stunning-Beauty S

~  Second Mother L

~  Small Group People – K, T, S, L, J, & J

~  The late, Peaceful-Spirit Great Grandma

~  All my residents who fill my world with the sweet juices of life

*I’ve left a lot of people off the list, because I just can’t make it big enough.


~ by Eva on January 21, 2009.

8 Responses to “People In My Life”

  1. Do I see a poke at someone’s pronunciation of water?

  2. No, that’s a line from “The Office.”

  3. I got the reference…and the first scene that popped into my mind was of when Jim bluetoothed Dwight’s cell phone to his earpiece and then told Dwight’s “Mudder” that Dwight had gotten married and she should tell “Fadder”

  4. Isn’t that curious. An aftermarket installation.

  5. What do you mean? I haven’t touched this since I posted it.

  6. You all are quite confusing but bravo?

  7. Sorry dude, you just ran face first into a bunch of inside jokes.

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