Good Happenings of Late


I had to get a background check for my social work license, so I went to a license bureau this afternoon.  When I went in I saw that the waiting room was full and there were like twenty people in front of me.  So, I went up front to get a ticket number and as I was clicking across the tile floor in my heels to take a seat, a woman behind the counter said, “Ma’am, do you need fingerprints?”  I did, so I went with her.  I hadn’t even sat down yet!  It took me like fifteen minutes, they were all so nice, and I was in and out like *that*.


Best Friend R + coffee shop + Chinese Buffet = a [insert best adjective you can possibly think of] time!


Last quarter, for a professor I really like, I did a bad (well, a B-) paper.  It was when I was feeling really crappy and I was having a terrible time getting it finished.  I eventually turned it in late.  Several days late.  When I e-mailed it to him I said, “You can expect better of me next quarter.”  So, yesterday I got back my mid-term paper that I turned in to him last week (on time) and lo ‘n behold! …. I set the curve!  Even more than being happy that I aced it, I’m so happy that I followed through on my word… that he’s getting better out of me this quarter than he did last.  It feels especially good, because I really like him.  He’s a fantastic professor and funny to boot.


I thought of Pickle Man.  The general thought was that I have no regrets with how I have lived/am living my life.  And even if things didn’t work out with him, I’d still have no regrets.  And if that did happen, I’d then be on the hunt for someone just like him!  A long lost identical twin of his perhaps.  Oo, better yet?  A clone.  He’s just one of those people who, no matter what, you’re always better off for having known.


An old friend with an adorable daughter who keeps a wonderful blog that I totally love reading.    Funny how even though direct contact has waned over the last years, I still feel connected to her.  She is a beautiful human being.


Today is Friday and I’m not working.  When was the last time that happened!?!


The sun is out!  Alleluia!  I breath easier when the sun is out.  It’s totally mental, but whenever it’s peaking through the clouds, I’m just a little bit happier.


Seeing my sister (in-law) the other day.  Seeing how much she loves my brother.  Hearing her positive, encouraging comments in regard to marriage (cause I’m usually pessimistic about it).  Laughing with her (“I have old woman hands!”).   Feeling grateful, as I always do after spending time with her, to have her in my life.  What a joy!


See #s 1-8.


~ by Eva on February 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Good Happenings of Late”

  1. It’s just plain inspiring seeing the positive spin you have on life, and that you have such indescribable appreciation of those extra-meaningful people in your life. Cheers!

  2. It helps to have super amazing people in your life.

  3. I like your list especially number seven, somehow when the sun is out the whole world does seam better. There was actually a little bit of blue sky here a while ago but it’s gone now (sigh).

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