Overcoming ‘The Pickle’

I have important plane tickets to go see Pickle Man.


~ by Eva on March 5, 2009.

6 Responses to “Overcoming ‘The Pickle’”

  1. Oh man! You better spill a little more about this in class today!

  2. when? and where?

  3. Plane tickets? This sounds big. Hope Pickle Man turns out to be sweet like Bread & Butter flavor as opposed to an irritating Dill flavor.

  4. tatheart2 – this month. the other side of the world.

  5. wow…if Penn. was out of character…what is this?

  6. Mr. Gao Wei Long – If he turns out to be dill I hear he has a friend named Frank, who is pretty nice too.

    Phil – Maybe it wasn’t out of character after all…

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