A Foreign Land

Denzel Washington. We were going to watch Fallen. But then Pickle Man had a great idea… writing this blog post. So this one we’re writing together. He said the sentences preceded with (PM) and I the ones preceded with (E). Here it goes…

(PM)  Um… Once upon a time there was a foreign land. (E) And ruling this foreign land, there was a queen. (PM) This queen foresaw the end of her foreign land, but she didn’t know to think of her land as a foreign land. (E) But it was a foreign land, and she saw it’s end in a series of dreams one summer night. (PM) It was a balmy summer night.

(E) The dream began with a tall, guardian dragon. (PM) Tall, like a brachiosaurus. (E) The dragon had lived in the foreign land for many years, coming there from his homeland. (PM) It was upon arrival in the foreign land that this dragon decided to become a guardian. (E) Originally he had just been content to live his life, but then things changed.

(PM) That’s when the queen awoke, left to wonder what things had changed for the dragon. (E) She speculated that she would get more of the story when she fell asleep again, so she turned over and drifted off. (PM) What happened next was less of a dream and more of a revelation. (E) It began again with the guardian dragon, but this time he was a baby. (PM) He was delivered to her castle drawbridge by a shady character.

(E) She saw the sun rising in the background of the scene, glinting on the shield of the shady character as she rode away on her trusty steed. (PM) The sun began to rise faster and faster, morphing into a giant fire ball that had been launched by catapults at her castle. (E) At that point in the dream the guardian dragon began to grow and in a matter of seconds it was full-grown and in flight toward the fire ball. (PM) Upon intercepting the fire ball, the dragon proceeded to direct it into the very window she was peering out from.

(E) She sat up in bed, abruptly. (PM) Loudly gasping for air, her attendants came rushing in to check on their queen. (E) Hurriedly, she dressed and went to seek the counsel of her astrologotician. (PM) (Now, you may be wondering what an astrologotician is… I assure you it is a highly respected trade.) (E) He told her that the dream was a prophecy and the end of her foreign land was at hand. (PM) She wondered, “What could this astrologotician mean by my ‘foreign land’?”

(E) The answer was soon to be found.

(PM) The end


~ by Eva on March 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “A Foreign Land”

  1. “nice” post…you’re both very creative.

    lovely chatting with you this am/pm.

  2. (LV) What hath transpired in the hearts of men while traversing a new adventure together? (DV) The audience remains breathless, wondering what has or is being revealed through the hearts and dreams of those in foreign lands. (LV) The queen and the dragon will surely learn the other is not to be feared, but to be trusted. (DV) All are awaiting the conclusion, knowing the story is just now being written.


  4. LV & DV – a beautiful response if i may say so.

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