Where Did You Come From?

Only a few short months ago you were non-existent to me.  I had no idea that you were in the world.

And now here you are all up in my grill… seeing the best in me.  Talking to me.  Liking me.  Having fun with me.  Spending so much time with me.

Where did you come from?  Well, technically, I know… but seriously…

You came out of the blue.  A happenstance “meeting.”

But it’s no wonder I’m happier now.

It’s no wonder, Pickle Man.


~ by Eva on April 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Where Did You Come From?”

  1. I should encourage you to make sure Pickle Man isn’t a spy. Nothing but trouble getting mixed up with spies, ya know.

  2. Life sent you one of your Angels. Maybe one of your Soulmates even.:-) Please visit me and read about Soulmates! Kristin

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