Life is Long

I usually try to keep in mind that life is short.  You know… could end for any of us at any moment and grand total, it’s only about 100 years anyway.  When you get to the end it’ll feel like it flew by.

There are other days… like today… when I feel like life is so very, very long.  That I’m tired and I was a peacefully rest from all the things I have in my mind.  But I can never escape my mind.  That makes life seem so long.  I’m kinda a pain to live with in my head… I think a lot.  There’s no rest from it.  It makes me tired every once in awhile, like today.


~ by Eva on April 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Life is Long”

  1. i wish i could give you some peace from your troubles

  2. Sounds like that pickle guy might have a lot cut out for him. You know, helping you process through the endless waves of thought you live your life wading in.

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