How We Met: Step II

The initial dialogue…

12.3.08 – Pickle Man:  Was your Semester at Sea literally spent aboard a ship?

12.4.08 – Me:  Yes, it was actually a semester on a ship. We started in Nova Scotia then went to eight ports around Europe before ending up back in the States. Took classes the whole time, etc. It was awesome. How’s life in [his country] thus far?

12.7.08 – Pickle Man:  Honestly, that does sound very exciting. What kind of ship was it? How often did you have to batten down the hatches for those gales and tsunamis? I bet you’ve got endless stories! I can’t seem to access your WordPress page from [here]. Life here is quite [edited out (not a swear word, as you may presume)]. I’m learning lots of the language each week in my classes, but I may not excel until I buckle in and pour energy into a couple relationships with nationals.

12.7.08 – Me:  It was a very posh cruise ship, and we (fortunately) never had any really bad storms. And yes, I’ve got some fun stories. Running away from the Polish police is one of my favorite, although it sounds way more interesting than it actually is (unfortunately). So you are learning [the language]… When I was in Thailand trying to learn some Thai, talking to little kids always helped me, because they talk in a more simplified version. Good luck with all the different tones too. That makes it so much more difficult.

12.7.08 – Pickle Man:  You ever spend any time at S** Camp in PA?

12.7.08 – Me:  Nope. had a good friend that did though. why?

12.7.08 – Pickle Man:  Oh, I was just wondering if we would’ve ever crossed paths there. I saw that you’re connected to E**** on the abyss known as facebook. I know her from my summers at S** Camp. Did you play soccer with her?

12.7.08 – Me:  Oh, E****! I love her! Yes, we played soccer together at [my university]. She’s a good friend of mine, and the one I was talking about in my last comment. Now I need to go find you on Facebook… ta-ta 😉

12.9.08 – Me:  So, who gets to decide if you’re on a 1, 2, 3, or 4 year term [there]?

*Editors note:  Notice how quickly I am trying to deduce how possible any kind of relationship is, besides an online one.  Why waste time on someone 8,000 miles away, right?

12.11.08 – Pickle Man:  Oh, so many factors. God’s leading for starters. I suppose He might choose to use any of the following to direct me one way or the other:
– my longings to be home with family
– availability of finances and/or income
– natural disasters
– accessibility of affordable, quality cheese
– etc, etc…
What is it about Virginia that’s calling your name? Is it the [mountains] or are you just a “lover” at heart?

12.11.08 – Me:  Ah, so you’re a fellow cheese lover, eh? Virginia has been calling my name for many years, but it seems like it’s only now that it might acutally be “right.” Main things that attract me… 1) brother and sister-in-law + grandparents + aunt, uncle, little cousins, and 2) those beautiful [mountains].  [City name] or surrounding areas is where I’m looking to live. Contingent on finding a job and all that, of course.

*Editors Note:  Somewhere between December 11th and 13th I thought to myself, “Okay.  So he’s really far away… but better not let this one go just yet.”

12.13.08 – Me:  So what exactly are you doing [there]? I know you said classes… what else do you do in the day-to-day? Or what else will you be doing in the future?

12.14.08 – Pickle Man:  In short, I look out for number one. I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. Early last month I decided to start cooking my own meals and avoid those stomach issues locally made food was giving me. In the future I hope to do some interpreting, as a means of work and hopefully as an in-between for the [native] and English speaking Church.

I must confirm that your 2 reasons for navigating towards VA are solid.  [City name] is beautiful, except there’s one factory that really funks up the air on a regular basis. I might end up there for a while once I’m back Stateside. One of my sister’s is a professional horse trainer and I’d like to do some work with her.

*Editors note:  Right after this last post on my profile wall I got an e-mail titled, “In Long…”  That was the first of many hundreds since.


~ by Eva on April 17, 2009.

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