Letter From Six Year Old Me

I just got this in the mail yesterday from my Grandma.  It’s a letter I wrote to her and my grandpa on a typewritter when I was six years old.  I’m going to try to write it here exactly as it is in the letter…

dear grandma                             and grandpa,

we will be at     your houe in four weeks.  I hope I can swim and we will have fun.  I want to sleep inthe bunk bed.  What else are we going to do there?  [My brother] and I are taking swimming lessons.  We are doing good.  We did the arem stroking.  And then my mommy said when we got home that we are doing good.  Daniel (our dog) caught a possom.  He si  is still shedding, adn every day he gives us a balll of fur.  We are eatuing a lot of meals on the front porch.  Wish you could be here for a weiner roalst.     The other day at supper, I wanted the Mayonaisse, and I said to Mom, “Please pass the siccors!”  Dad says I’m just like MOM!

I’m going to bring my roller skates to yur house.  Did oyou catch the guy who took your money?

My front tooth hasn’t popped through yet.  M And I think it will pop through by the time we get to your house.  The sweet corn is good this year.  I have bright bright markers.

My love for both of you goes to PLUTO!!!



~ by Eva on April 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “Letter From Six Year Old Me”

  1. cutest thing ever!

  2. a-h-h-h how sweet

  3. The daily ball of fur sentence followed by the start of the eating sentence gave my mind a chance to finish the eating sentence prematurely. Let me just say that my scenario was so much more amusing than the actual outcome of that sentence but not as amusing as this letter in it’s entirety.

  4. Ew, Phil. The fictional scenario you mention sounds grotesque!

  5. Six years old? Phew, that’s a lot of vocab. for a 6-year-old. No wonder you write so well now.

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