Reflections on my First Half-Marathon

~  It is extraordinarily difficult to run and drink out of a cup at the same time.

~  If you try to do that with Gatorade it will get all over your hand and thus be very sticky.

~  I must be the only one who gets wedgies while running, seeing as I was the only one I saw picking one.

~  Running, like life, is always better with someone.  I missed Best Friend R severly the first four miles, when I finally found a friend to run with for a couple miles.

~  The finish, unlike life, is definitely the best part.

~  All kinds of people run.  Short, heavier, skinny (there were several people who I wanted to order them to go home, sit on the couch, and eat potato chips), tall, old, young, etc.

~  I was reminded why I hated track.  It’s not, as I’d previously thought, that I don’t like races in general.  It’s that I don’t like doing things (like sprints) that take adrenaline.  I’m a perseverance kinda person.

~  I passed a high school guy with a Cross Country T-shirt on.  And felt like I’d really made something of myself.

~  I’d love to get into running races with fair regularity.

~  I got a cool shirt.



~ by Eva on April 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Reflections on my First Half-Marathon”

  1. You inspire me…at least mentally! i’m waiting for the day when that inspiration actually takes me on my own runs…but until then, i will simply be proud of you and your discipline, athleticism, and your accomplishment! way to go!

    [would love to join you – some day :)]

  2. I’m going to hold you to that, you know.

  3. As to your first point, I realized the exact same thing when I ran my first 5K. I just couldn’t figure out how to do it, so I stopped momentarily while ingesting the vital H2O.

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