Older People Say the Funniest Things

So, I think I’ve mentioned before that I am a care giver to elderly people in an assisted-living facility.  I’ve been doing it for five years and still absolutely LOVE it.  Part of my job is helping residents with personal care as needed, and most of the time that includes very personal care, like showers.  Um… I could say more, but I’ll spare you the details…

Anyway, there is this one lady who I work with, who is just a fire cracker.  She’s always got a quick quip.  One time when we were in her bathroom for her shower and she said with a laugh, “You just wanna see me naked!”  Oh, my goodness, I was rolling with laughter.  She totally caught me off guard.

This is the same woman who calls her bra – “Boob trap” or “boob tube.”

Another time she was getting out of the shower and was trying to dry off without my help.  It wasn’t going that well and she slapped her naked butt, which was still wet so it was really loud, and said, “That darn butt!”

There.  Now you have an inside look at my job.  🙂


~ by Eva on May 8, 2009.

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