Feeling Beautiful

It’s about seeing reality and being happy about it.

There are three ways to get there:  1)  change reality, 2) change your perception of reality, or 3) a little of both.

Number three is my personal preference.  So many people are stuck on either one or the other of the first two.  In regard to weight, that makes them either anorexic or depressed.  The later because they trying to feel good about a weight at which they are simply… not comfortable.  I’ve tried that and for me, it just doesn’t work.  I’m can generally find a lot of joy in life, I don’t want to be imprisoned by the Western ideal of beauty (36-24-36), and I feel good about who I am/am becoming.  At the same time, it’s like spinning my wheels to try to feel good about being at a weight at which I’m uncomfortable.

So, I find that if I lose some weight (not going to an extreme though; I also want to note that some people do not need to lose ANY weight and simply changing how they THINK about themsevles would be the healthiest thing), then that really helps me feel better.  The other half of that is choosing to be happy with the build I have, not wishing for someone else’s.  It’s a two fold thing for me, feeling beautiful… one, is taking care of myself (sometimes this means changing reality/losing weight), and two, is not comparing myself to other people, choosing to be happy with all aspects of who I am.

For anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, feeling beautiful is an amazing thing.  Mostly and especially when it’s not coming as an outgrowth of a particular compliment or outfit, but just of what YOU think of yourself.

I challenge anyone who hasn’t done it yet to, next time they’re alone, call themselves…



~ by Eva on May 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Feeling Beautiful”

  1. You know I have issues! I will take your challenge and report back to if and when I am successful!

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