Self-Differentiation: Revisited

I think I am much less self-differentiated when I’m stressed.   Maybe that’s just revealing my true nature… yikes!   There is NOTHING about Needy Eva that I like.   She just falls all over herself.  Works too hard for relationships.  Catastrophizes.  Wants to cry but can’t.  Thinks in Blog Speak.

Although I must also say, she’s a pretty strong girl.  She’s survived alone some pretty hard times.  Maybe I should give her some credit.   And whenever she goes back in her room The Real Eva is like the happiest person ever and she just wants to LOVE up anything that moves.  That’s kinda fun.

Did I mention I’m stressed right now?  Maxed out, in fact.

But I can deal with it.  My alter ego Super Eva will take over for me.


~ by Eva on May 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Self-Differentiation: Revisited”

  1. You’ve got a friend here. If you need anything at all, never hesitate to call.

  2. I thought you already were Super Eva, haha

  3. i know you were being more poetic than literal (it was quite lovely really), but regardless…please remind yourself to merge the “two yous” as the whole that you are, knowing that you are BOTH needy and super, stressed and strong, an individual and in need of identifying self in relationship, weepy and happy.
    i know you know that…but we all need reminders of the things we know on days like these. so while i’m at it.
    – i should legally adopt you as my sister
    – love you so much, and fail to properly express the extent to which i love you.
    – even when you are stressed you still proform like superwoman
    – i like that you “want to love up anything that moves”
    – i love your blog posts

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