Am I Living the Life I Want?

Yes and no.

I hate the emptiness of consumerism and yet I have a closet chuck full of clothes.

It’s important to me to do my part to take care of the earth and yet I drive everywhere.  For all the plastic bags & bottles I reuse, all the lights I turn off, all the meat I don’t eat, I would do a whole lot more if I put a little more attention into driving less.

For as much grace as I give other people with their issues, I give none to myself.

For all the times I spout platitudes about love, I often withhold my hugs and conversation from people who want them.

For all my social justice talk, I’ve done nothing.  I sometimes write about it and what the heck good does that do?

On the other hand…

I do my best to love well.  It’s not always “well,” but it’s always the best I can do.

I try to never talk about people (anyone) behind their back, except in the most positive terms.

I make a point to not complain.  Don’t like it.

I don’t spend money extraneously.

I take good care of myself physically.

I am learning how to make peace with myself.

I wish I…

Shared my heart more openly with the people in my life who care.


~ by Eva on May 29, 2009.

7 Responses to “Am I Living the Life I Want?”

  1. um wow…i felt like i just read my own mind.
    i love you and can’t wait to talk in PA. 🙂

  2. YES!!!

  3. Cheers to the best, and to that which can be learned from and, thus, produce more of the best in the time to come.

  4. I am really a complete stranger, but I have read your blog for a while now. (Hope you don’t mind.) Really, I think of you from time to time and am really thankful for people like you. You have a good attitude, you treat people kindly — even the little old people whom our society often hides away in assisted-living facilities. Really, Eva, when you talk about the stories from your work and share them with such genuine humor and love for others, I am impressed! Some of my favorite posts from you are when you talk about your work and I sense the true kindness and care you have for the people even when you have to do such things as give them showers or wipe them. And I’ve been meaning to tell you this and today is the day. After reading this post, I just had to tell you why I admire you. I know you will do great things in life!

  5. Susanne –
    Thanks you for reading my blog! That’s amazing! And thank you for thinking I’ll do great things. My goal is just to do the best I can with everything I do, no matter how big or little – there’s a lot less pressure that way and I like to avoid pressure. 🙂

  6. “My goal is just to do the best I can with everything I do, no matter how big or little” — and THAT is a great thing!

    I’m so happy that Pickle Man cometh! Yaaahooooo! 😀

  7. You and me both! YAHOO!!!! 🙂

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