A Morning Walk

I took a therapy walk this morning right when I woke up around 7:00 (the perfect time to get up in my book).  It wasn’t for exercise.  It was just for my sake.

The morning was ethereal.  As are most summer mornings in this part of the world.  Especially my corner of the world.  It’s so beautiful.

Because the rut easiest to fall into is to wish one was somewhere more exotic than where was actually is, I often think to myself, “This could be anywhere in the world.”  Meaning – this is just as beautiful here as if it was in Ireland.  It’s got that kind of captivating aura.  At least if you can appreciate it, which I do.

Summer mornings in my part of the world are fairly warm with a cool breeze.  There’s usually dew everywhere, which sparkles as the sun starts coming over the trees on the horizon.  That’s about what time I was out this morning.  Just after the sun was up.

It was very quiet and still.  Therapeutic.  Rejuvenating.  Soothingly lonely.

For the past couple weeks I’ve been lifting weights right after I get up and alternating that every other day with some prayer/meditation (I’m praying again – (I don’t know whether to put a question mark or an exclamation point after that statement)).  I think I’m gonna tag the later up with a morning walk.  Sounds heavenly to me.

*Thanks those of you who have contacted me via blog or e-mail in regard to yesterdays post.  I appreciate it and am doing good.  I just cried yesterday and feel okay today.  Just trying to get used to her being gone.  More difficult than I anticipated.  I didn’t realize how often I thought of her, usually about how much I wanted to play with her and how cute she was.  The backyard was very quiet today.


~ by Eva on June 15, 2009.

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