My Eulogy

About a month ago in class we were working in small groups and were supposed to share what we would want said in our eulogy.  The whole class session was on grief and this particular exercise was to help us get in touch with our mortality, a difficult task.  However, given that I’m occasionally a bit morose, I had a ready answer…

My answer was, “She loved well and was at peace with herself and God.”  That’s what I would want to be said if it was true.  However since I gave that answer, there a couple things I can’t believe I left out.

1)  She was open-hearted, always welcoming people into her life and heart, loving them however she could.

2)  She had a great relationship with her family/friends/husband (<if that happens), who she dearly loved.

There.  That’s the end toward which I daily live.


~ by Eva on June 19, 2009.

One Response to “My Eulogy”

  1. another blogger had wanted to go skydiving but before he could go, the company made him write a farewell note to his family. just in case, you know? he didn’t end up skydiving.

    i’ve thought really hard as to what i would say to my family. the words change but the message remaind the same–despite the ups and downs, the good times and the bad times, thank you for giving me a lifetime of happiness.

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