New Theme

I seriously have no idea how people can pick one theme and then keep it for months on end without getting bored.   Any regular reader knows I change my picture practically weekly, which is how I kept it for so long, but it’s eventually like rotating scrambled and fried eggs for breakfast… at some point you just gotta break out and have cereal!


~ by Eva on June 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “New Theme”

  1. I am giddy for you! Will your parents get to meet him?

  2. Yeah, he’s meeting my complete immediate family THE DAY he arrives. I can hardly wait!

  3. For your information, I happened to like the old theme better : )
    besides i know someone who eats the same cereal everyday for breakfast – unless she is with a good friend then she breaks the routine and eats a breakfast sandwich!

    (hey do you still check your BU e-mail?)

    • Yes. I like the old theme better too, but I am tired of it right now. And good grief, she eats the same cereal every day?!?!? That’s ridiculous.

      (Yes, I do, but haven’t for a few days… I headed there now.)

  4. like this one too!! yay!! have tried putting a new one myself (quite a number of times) but somehow never can not-put the old one. 😛 But nevertheless, Congrats & All the Best!

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