Ways We’re Similar

We both…

Like to and do faithfully exercise.

Are healthy eaters.

Have similar tastes in music.

Enjoying listening to it a lot.

Avid soccer players.

Are at a similar (though different) place in our faith journeys.

Like/need good conversations in general, and specifically with each other in order to feel connected.

Don’t feel a desire/need to “keep up with the Jones'”.

Fairly laid back.

Feelers.  And can sense close to immediately when something is awry between us.


I’m going to keep thinking about this and add whatever I come up with.

Upcoming post:  “Ways We’re Different”


~ by Eva on July 15, 2009.

5 Responses to “Ways We’re Similar”

  1. is this you and your partner?

  2. would you say that you both idealize each other to the point that you both feel like that you could never live up to each other’s expectations? – or perhaps this is a way you are different or something…

  3. cute

  4. Who are these Joneses with whom you’ve referred to keeping up with?

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