Ways We’re Different

He leans toward extroversion. I lean toward introversion.

He likes being on camera/in the spot light. I absolutely do not.

He listens to some Christian music, I don’t anymore.

He tries to eat a lot, I don’t at all, ever.

He shops very slowly, I shop with purpose. (By the way, I recently discovered, much to my delight, that he is fantastically fun to shop with (except grocery shopping). So fun!!! We’ve had two times recently that we were shopping together I just had a fantastic time. He even picked out some new shoes for me that I totally love!)

He very tech savvy, I am not.

He procrastinates less than I do. (He’s helpful in this regard.)

I change my clothes more often than he does. (By the way, I like how he dresses. This is like a bonus.)

He’s less routinized than I am.

More ways we’re similar:

We both get grumpy when we want food and aren’t getting it.

We both wear retainers about once a week (random, huh?).

We both prefer drinking water that’s at room temperature.

We both like living simply.

While traveling, spending quality time with people is far preferrable to both of us, rather than sight-seeing.

That’s all I got for now.


~ by Eva on July 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Ways We’re Different”

  1. enjoyed reading this.
    look forward to more peaks into your relationship.

  2. 2 questions:
    1. What kind of shoes did he pick out for you?
    2. You mean that you change clothes several times a day?

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