Moving Forward

I’m trying to figure out how to move forward.  Today my life looks exactly the same as before Pickle Man came this summer, but I don’t feel like I can or should try to make it feel like before.  It just feels different.  There are a few random things that I’ll do differently now, like eat pig and mushrooms.  I never did that before, because I was convinced I didn’t like them.  However, I just set all that stuff aside this summer and I realized that I wasn’t going to die if I ate them.  It was not a big deal at all.  So I’m going to be a lot less picky about that now.

Pickle Man was struggling with a pinched nerve all summer and one of the people we talked to said that when he had the same thing, he walked briskly every morning and that eventually helped it go away.  So Pickle Man and I were walking together every morning for the last part of the time we were together.  I really liked that and I think I’m going to keep doing it.  Not for exercise, but just for the sake of moving, being outside, having time to think, and relaxing.

Exercise is another thing I wouldn’t mind changing a bit.  I ran less this summer than when Pickle Man wasn’t here.  I kept running a few days a week, but never more than five miles.  It was really nice.  I would like to run a little less than before and I would especially like to get rid of guilt running, which is what I would do when I ate more than I needed.  I’ve been doing that for years and I think I ready to start preventing the need for those.  It’ll take work, but I already know I can do it, because I did it all summer.  This one change would make me a lot happier.  I’d like to work on it.  I’m going to incorporate more walking and biking into my exercise too.

Another thing I’m going to start doing is not taking the plastic bags that every store will put purchases in when they hand them to you.  So many plastic bags.  All wasted.  There’s no reason to use all those and contribute that much more to the land fills.

Some where in the middle of our time together Pickle Man and I were in Cabela’s and were looking at the hiking shoes.  I’ve always liked how hiking shoes looked and this time when I was looking at them I realized that I would like to have a pair, because I need/use them.  Whenever I find a full time job and move to the Shenendoah Valley, I will get a pair and start hiking in the mountains whenever I can/desire.  This is one way I will therapize myself/be nice to myself to help with the pain of separation.  And then if/when we’re together again I’ll use them (my hiking shoes) with Pickle Man.  He likes hiking too.


~ by Eva on August 17, 2009.

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  1. thinking of you.

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