All Will Be Well

Blessings of all blessings!  I got the two hugest blessings lately…

One – I was at a lake last weekend with Best Friend R and her husband.  When we were leaving, (she was going with me in my car) she recalled a conversation we had about driving and how I had said that if I have the option I always prefer to be the passenger.  So she drove for me!  In my car!  I was so grateful!

Two – I was eating brunch yesterday with Life-long Friend B and in the course of the coversation I verbally grieved the death of BOTH my iPods.  And then guess what… she GAVE me hers, b/c she’d just gotten a different one.  She gave it to me for FREE!!  I listened to it all the way to Best Friend R’s house yesterday and the drive confirmed what I already knew, that B has FANTASTIC taste in music.  Near identical to mine.  Here’s a song from her iPod that I heard for the first time yesterday.  It might be my theme song for awhile.  My favorite line is, “All will be well.  You can ask me how, but only time will tell.”

“All Will Be Well” by The Gabe Dixon Band


~ by Eva on August 28, 2009.

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