My Crying

I think somewhere in the last few years, amidst my crying drought, I must have prayed to God to let me cry.  Because now I cry all the time.  In the last two and half weeks or so, there’s only been a hand full of days that I HAVEN’T cried.  I can’t say it feels good to be in pain.  It does feel good though, to finally be able to cry about it after years of wanting to, but being unable.

Only yesterday’s and today’s cry didn’t have anything to do with Pickle Man.  Yesterday I cried while I watched the movie Anna and the King. The scene that got me was the one where the young Tuptim and Balat were being executed.

You can watch it here (it’s not gory and sorry about the music with this clip)…

Today I cried when I watched this…



~ by Eva on September 1, 2009.

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