A Value Laden Life

Is what I want to live.  I want the things I believe in to intimately affect every aspect of my life.  One of those values is to live simply.

So in the last few weeks I have steadily been cleaning up and cleaning out all the shit in my life that serves no purpose, but to clutter my SOUL.  Three garbage bags have gone to the local second-hand shop (including about eight pairs of shoes; good riddance!) and one more to the trash.  I don’t have that much stuff in the first place, so I feel good about the amount that has exited my life.  But I’m not done either.

My stumbling point is books, because information is everything.  I collect it, store it, horde it, mull over it, eat it up.  When I’m having a hard time, it’s not shopping or anything like that, that cheers me up.  It’s new information, a new way of looking at my situation, learning someone else’s story, etc.

Problem is that I don’t have a particularly good memory.  The only thing I remember with fair efficiency is where to find what I want to know in books.

However, I never want to lose sight of this fact… that far more important than what I know, is how I live, think, and love people.  Someday when I’m full of wisdom, love, and inner peace, then I’d like to just have the few books that have been the most important in shaping who I became.

I’m not going to get there all at once, but with this idea in mind, I’m heading to see what I’m ready to discard of from my book shelfs.


~ by Eva on September 10, 2009.

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