Whew, That’s Better

I’m in Virginia.  Arrived semi-late last night, because of my lack of attention to directions.  This is not a new problem, but definitely more severe when I’m not feeling quite up to par.  Nevertheless, I’ve arrived.  And that has made a difference.

I had a good morning of job searching and even got a call early this afternoon about an interview from a place that I’d given up on. 

Then I ate lunch with my sister, The Remarkable, and she asked me questions and gave me good insight.  That was quite a relief.  Not only to talk to someone who cares, but to gain insight so I don’t feel so confused about everything.

This afternoon I went to the grocery for her, and Lowe’s, wrote down my insights as best I could, flipped through a book that I also found very insightful (Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson), went to Barnes & Noble to try to buy it (they were out, but reserved it for me), and talked to Life-long Friend B on the phone. 

I also continued on my conquest to simplify my life by buying an atlas from B & N.  Then I cleaned all the maps out of my car and folded them up to be given away (probably to theirs former owners, my parents).  There were 19 of them.

Then I blogged while I waited for my brother and sister to get home from work.

I’m just summing up the day with my title, “Whew, that’s better,” and the quote by Alexander Chalmers, “The grand essentials of happiness are:  something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”

Something to do – job hunt, grocery shop, etc.

Something to love – brother, sister, Life-long Friend B

Something to hope for – a job

Check, check, check.


~ by Eva on September 14, 2009.

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