What I Learned About Life in Barnes & Noble

I went to Barnes & Noble tonight.  I went to pick up A (as in one) book.  I found out where the book that I wanted was.  I decided to look around before picking it up.

Two HOURS later I was walking to the checkout with FIVE books in hand, not including the one reserved for me at the counter.  I thought twice about it and took two books back.

But then when I was almost to the counter, I saw ANOTHER book that looked interesting.  I picked it up, browsed it, and added it to my stack.

FOUR books in hand.

I started to walk away.  But then ANOTHER book caught me eye.  I picked it up, browsed it, and added it to my stack. 

FIVE books in hand (again).

Then decided to put back the other one I’d just picked up.

And another.

I finally made it to the counter.

THREE books in hand.

Then there was the one behind the register that was on reserve for me.

FOUR books total.

Whew.  Good job. 

These are my reflections on my 15 minute-turned-two-plus-hour-trip to my brain’s heaven:

I will not be safe from the sorrows and difficulties of life if I know everything.  I cannot, in fact, know everything.  Life is touch-and-go.  I will never figure it all out. 

Easy does it. 

One day at a time.

Ask advice.

Stay calm.

Do your best.

Live in the moment.

Stay organized.

Be deliberate.

Believe in God.

Do something mundane with gust.

Think happy thoughts.

Love those you love.

Appreciate something you already have.

Sit quietly.

Go outside.

Talk to your best friend (when can I call you back, R?).

Let yourself feel hurt.

Soothe someone.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Give away money.

Try something new.

Don’t think passing thoughts are prophecy or permanent.

Be weird.

Don’t care about everything.

Make a joke about yourself.

Laugh at it.

Be amazed by someone you’re close to.

Tell them so.

Write a letter from the the future-you giving advice to the now-you.


Take a chance on someone.

Feel your heart beat.

Have a creed.

Take a deep breath.

Tell someone about it when you feel like shit.

Tell someone the next time you have a good shit.

Choose not to believe something you’ve heard.

Choose not to believe something you’ve thought.

Hope against all odds.

Be realistic.

Save money.

Figure out what you really want in life.

Let go.

Hold on.

When appropriate, ask someone how they’re really doing.

Listen to their answer.

Get counseling.

Work hard.

Tell someone you really love them.

Work on accepting gray areas in life.

Search for freedom from whatever you want to be free of.

Do ONE thing on this list.


~ by Eva on September 17, 2009.

One Response to “What I Learned About Life in Barnes & Noble”

  1. lovely post.
    i was thinking of going to B&N today after my internship…maybe i should leave my wallet in the car 🙂
    you may call me anytime, the chances of getting me this week are very high. i’m mostly studying.

    love to you.

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