The Story of Larry and Carrie on the Ferry

There once was a dog named Larry, who didn’t know what to do, so he started talking to a dog named Carrie.  She was hairy.  When they walked together she would never tarry, which made him suppose she took in an extra amount of dairy.  So he asked her and she said, “Nary!”  He was confused and asked if perhaps she’d been touched by a fairy, to which she responded with an exasperated wag of her tail, “Larry!”   Then he asked, “Well, how come you never tarry?”  and she said, “I’m merry.”

He thought about that while they got on a ferry, but he was still wary, so as he observed her trotting toward the sherry he thought, “It must be her face that’s scary.”  So he tried to get her to turn around by shouting, “How ’bout we marry?”  Her surprise apparent when she yelled back, “Bloody Mary!” and then grabbed the sherry from Jerry who was a canary. Then Jerry the Canary poured another glass of sherry for Larry who walked up beside Carrie, who then quickly abandoned her tarry at the sherry and hurried away.

This increased the thought of Larry that the face of Carrie must be scary and that’s why she would not tarry, so he tried another tactic to see the face of Carrie and that was to whisper to Jerry the Canary that he would pay him to bury the sherry in the prairie.  Jerry the Canary agreed and announced to the whole ferry that he was going to bury sherry in the prairie once they got to the Land of Neri.  At the sound of this Carrie DID tarry and Larry got to see what he thought was going to be scary, but contrary to his beliefs was just… hairy.

So as all happy endings go, they DID marry and did so on the Land of Neri with Jerry the Canary from the ferry officiating the ceremony.  They celebrated with more sherry (why vary?) and to their honeymoon they did not tarry.

The Very End


~ by Eva on September 19, 2009.

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