We Go Way Back

The other good thing about hard core cleaning is that you find treasures from long ago.  I found a folder of e-mails Best Friend R wrote to me the year I was 12 and she was 13.  The stack was 1/2 inch thick.  I got a good laugh from several of them, especially this one written March 26, 1998… (I’m writing it exactly as she did.)


Elvie your note wa such a joy! 🙂  I mean that fly story really touched me like nothin else could have.  🙂  I mean it was so sad and every thing I just started laughing (mantaly of course:).  I don’t know what has happened to my e-mails but I just can’t get creative lately.  I mean it’s crazy !  The thing I used to write to my cousins before I bacame mature  🙂  Don’t laugh I was serious!  🙂 Okey enough already.  🙂

You know Eva I  knew that it was annoying to have people put them self down (thinking of me adn basketball 🙂 and it is so easy for you to say to stop but I didn’t really get it until soccer.  I mean we really need to work with each other on being nagative and putting our self down you know that?  How about this… when ever we put our self down the other can say 2,C,3,4,5 meaning 2nd Corinthians 3:4-5 look it up it talks about how we can have confidence through Christ and it really is very cool but it is still hard to work on, so I think we should remind each other about that.  Okey?  Good.  You know I just noticed that I’m giving in to Peir Presher 🙂 by spelling my O.K. differently then I normally do I should really be ashamed and so should you leading a lost little “angle” astray!

Do you know what we are doing for soccer gersies?  I got a call this evening but C* took the message and I really don’t understand it.  Oh well I’ll talk to someone tomorrow at practice.  I didn’t like the weather for soccer today it was to warm and it made me feel soooooo drained but for the rest of the day it was awesome!  I want to sleep outside tonight!  🙂  That would be so fun!

Well I really should go, I have not read your other e-mail yet so if I respond to anything from that one it will be sooooooo short because I have written ALOT to you!  You should feel privledged  :0

Bye R.


~ by Eva on September 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “We Go Way Back”

  1. Sounds like I was a bad message taker back then…hilarious! And, R, I think your spelling has improved a bit : -)

  2. yu think mi speling iz beter becus i hav spel cheker on mi cumpooter, butt reely i hav not emprooved two much.

    (i wasn’t going to comment on this post – i think you should have gained the writer’s permission before posting/publishing this great piece of literature! – but after your comments i…how would you say it? gave in to peir presher.

    much love you two!


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