I’m a “Phase” Person

There was the chop sticks phase.  The Armageddon phase.  The Pringle can phase.  The infamous swishy pant phase.   The horse phase.  The pen phase.   The CCM phase.   The bandanna phase (that was a scary one).  The vegetable soup phase.

I’m taming down the running phase.  I still notice a few sprinklings of the “You’ve Got Mail” phase.  In the midst of the cereal phase.   I feel like I may be broaching the end of the ice cream phase, though I’m definitely in the thick of the blog-y phase.

We shall see what new phases come with this next period of my life.


~ by Eva on September 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “I’m a “Phase” Person”

  1. I absolutely think you are a phase person! In fact, you are quite insightful…however, you must still be in a denial phase, because what about the VEST PHASE?! (just thought I should enlighten you while you are still in a “listen-to-brrchellee” phase.

  2. Actually, I did think of the vest phase, but decided not to mention it because it was not a phase by choice. It was a phase by default because that’s what I got as hand-me-downs by my cousins. Nevertheless, thanks for telling my thousands of readers how STYLISH I’ve always been. 😉

  3. […] be buying ANY ice cream for in my apartment.  Since the ice cream phase was on its way out anyway (>>see here<<), I decided that I could go ahead a put an end to it.  So, my relationship with ice cream is now […]

  4. […] I am in a bagel sandwich phase.  And as we all know, I’m a phase person. […]

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