Three Laughing Old Ladies

Tonight at supper my co-workers and I were eating supper when we look over and seeing three ladies who were sitting together, laughing hysterically.  One of them had her back to me so all I could see was her shoulders bobbing up and down as she giggled.  The lady next to her was laughing so hard she had her head in her arm on the table.  And the third lady, who has dementia and I have never seen truly laugh, was bright red in the face and wiping tears from her eyes.

None of us knew what was so funny and the ladies were incommunicado while they laughed and laughed for five… then ten minutes straight.  It was an amazing sight to behold.  Such a ruckus for an assisted-living facility!  We were all smiling to our selves just because it was so fun to watch them laugh.  The other residents were equally curious and also had smirks on their faces.

Finally, the ladies had enough breath to relive whatever it was that had started the laughter… The lady with her back to me had said, “They wash my clothes at midnight! [hysterical laughter]”

That’s true.  The laundry gets done on third shift now.  But given the abundance of people in assisted-living facilities with hearing problems, it should come as to surprise that the lady next to her heard something different…

“What?  They wash your toes at midnight?!?”


~ by Eva on September 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “Three Laughing Old Ladies”

  1. I think its great for them to enjoy a good laugh like that. I know I havent had a good one in awhile.

  2. too funny!
    it reminds me of certain times in the past (classes and otherwise) when we’ve had each other laughing so hard.

    ps – i started cracking up the other day when i saw the cover of the old peter pan movie and thought of you and your traumatic realization! 😉

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