My Journey By Days

On day 1 I was born.

On day 113 I found my toes and stuck them in my mouth.

On day 283 I was learning to walk.

On day 377 I discovered my belly button.

On day 588 I played in the fall leaves.

On day 659 I was getting interested in potty training.

On day 1,074 I could still fit into a laundry basket with my brother.

On day 1,597 I had my first day of nursery school.

On day 1,896 I put my cat in a dress and bonnet.

On day 3,036 I couldn’t wait till recess to get a rock out of my shoe.

On day 3,534 I got roller blades for Christmas.

On day 3,672 M came to my house after school.

On day 4,156 we built a tree house.

On day 4,188 I had the song “Fork in the Road” stuck in my head.

On day 4,217 I was worried that my friend K might go back to Alaska.

On day 4,404 I “traded S.C. a normal, constant flow black pen for a cute bugs bunny pen…”

On day 4,229 my cousin died.

On day 4,497 another cousin died in a car accident.

On day 4,915 my wrist was in a splint because a boy accidentally tripped me at soccer.

On day 4,956 Best Friend R spent the night at my house.

On day 5,258 a boy asked me to the homecoming dance.

On day 5,457 I had my first track meet.

On day 5,657 I scored in our soccer tournament game.

On day 6,028 I was missing my brother, who was at college.

On day 6,210 I got my driver’s license.

On day 6,726 I was starting my DTS in YWAM.

On day 6,851 I was in Thailand.

On day 6,896 I started working at the assisted-living facility.

On day 6,919 (or near abouts) I was rejected by YWAM.

On day 7,193 Best Friend R got married.

On day 7,334 Brother got married.

On day 7,350 I was in Russia.

On day 7,408 I was in Ireland.

On day 7,636 I went to college classes.

On day 7,692 I was in Bethlehem, Palestine/Israel.

On day 8,028 I gave a solo piano recital.

On day 8,233 I got all-conference honors for my final season of college soccer.

On day 8,413 I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree.

On day 8,625 I had my first contact with Pickle Man.

On day 8,639 I got my belly button pierced.

On day 8,769 I ran a half marathon.

On day 8,821 I graduated with my Master’s in Social Work.

On day 8,924 I resigned from the assisted-living facility, accepted a job as a counselor, and Pickle Man and I ended our dating relationship.

On day 8,928 I wrote this post.


~ by Eva on October 1, 2009.

One Response to “My Journey By Days”

  1. This is cool. I love the days count as well.

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