I’ve Thought This Many Times

… but never been able to say it with her eloquence.  Check it out.  Dis be my Brrchellee…

This week I observed a counseling session, I wanted to take a photo. Out of respect for the client and the ethics of my discipline, I cannot and will not share any details of the session- suffice it to say that the client was sharing some weighty issues that were going on in her life. Near the end of the session, as I was looking at the client, I noticed something…She was wearing a chain and cross around her neck and it was lying in the middle of an American flag on her shirt. I wanted to take a photo, it was so profound to me. It made me grieve a bit for her. Few people anticipate the tragedies and losses they experience in life. Although we often feel protected by our spirituality or our privilege, it is a false sense of here-and-now protection! The fact is her faith in Jesus and the promise of an American dream did not protect her from the harshness of life. We all experience the brokenness of our lives – our world really.

(Title:  America and Jesus)


~ by Eva on November 6, 2009.

One Response to “I’ve Thought This Many Times”

  1. this is brilliant! and so well said.

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