Could It Be?

… That the “A Thought Chronicle” phase is nearing its end??  Or at least a period of remission??

I “sink” it could be so…



~ by Eva on November 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Could It Be?”

  1. This is sad.

  2. there are seasons for all things in life, and so too are there seasons of non-blogging. inspiration can come and go. at some point i’ve no doubt that you’ll find yourself in the position where you’ll want to post, want to blog, want to share and give of your experience. even if in spurts here and there. you have a knack and a talent for it and though you may go away for a time, it will always be waiting for you if you want it or need it.

    there were times when i used to blog often, then times of less, and now very rarely. but i do enjoy it when the time is right. all things in their season

  3. guess you’ll have to e-mail me more than : )

    is there more explanation though?

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