Ditching Links

I have no idea if anybody has noticed, but recently I’ve gotten rid of several links from my blogroll.  And one of those was the long-proclaimed POSTSECRET.

My journey toward deleting PostSecret was unexpected and a long time in coming.  Every Sunday I would check PostSecret and read the secrets, sometimes feeling encouraged, sometimes inspired, sometimes hopeful.  But a majority of the time…

appalled and/or discouraged.

So, I bid thee an unceremonious farewell, PostSecret, and pray ye not return to my life.

Then there were a few other links that I deleted.  One of them I deleted because she hadn’t posted in a really long time and my list was too long, I felt.  The other I deleted, because at the risk of sounding aloof and stuck up (which sometimes I just don’t mind being), I just did not want to be like her.  Sometimes I just have to clean house in my head and decide what I want going in and what I would like to keep out.

Those boundaries are always in flux, so sometimes I have to re-evaluate and figure out what I want coming in and WHY.  Figuring out the “why” more firmly establishes/builds those boundaries that make me…

the ever-changing, in process… me.


~ by Eva on November 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ditching Links”

  1. I am shocked I made the cut! I miss reading you. I need more time in the day,

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