The Button Study

I heard of a study done on pain tolerance.  There were two groups of people, both were subjected to some kind of physically painful stimuli.  The level of pain each person could tolerate was measurable.  One group of people had a button that they could push whenever they wanted, which by doing so, would stop the infliction of pain.  The other group of people had no button.

The first group, on the whole, could tolerate much higher levels of pain, than the group that did not have the button.

Isn’t that interesting… not only in the context of pain tolerance, but in the context of life and painful things we all go through?  How much easier is it to bear when we know we have a way out?


~ by Eva on December 21, 2009.

One Response to “The Button Study”

  1. It reminds me of my trip to the dentist. The feelings of panic were not as much due to the level of pain, but rather to the feeling of being incredibly vulnerable and out of control.

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