If I Should Die Before I Wake…

  1. What unfinished business would you leave behind? I would leave some paperwork… unpaid loans… an uncompleted “List of Things to do Before I Die”  (>> see here <<)…  Those are the major things, I guess.
  2. What would you want to say to those you love? You guys were GREAT!!  I totally “lucked out” being born into a world/life in which you love me!
  3. What would people remember you for? Different people will remember me for different things… someone may remember me for wearing my pants on my arms and my shirt/jacket on my legs one cold winter day… someone else may remember me for pushing him into a door and breaking the glass or buying him a fart machine… someone else may remember me for sharing a room with her for awhile (someone in who’s mouth a kitty poops when she sleeps)… someone else may remember me for going with her to get our belly-buttons pierced and loads of laughter… a couple other people may remember me for my poopy diapers and my banging away on their piano.
  4. Would you have regrets? Not. A. One.
  5. Would you think you spent your time wisely? Couldn’t have done it better, even if I tried.
  6. How many lives would you have helped positively change? I don’t know.  It’s more important to me that I do the best I can to be/make positive change.  And I am, and have been.
  7. Would you have let your talents go to waste? Nope.  To everything there is a season and in each season where I had the opportunity to use certain talents, I did.  To the best of my ability.
  8. Would someone be inspired by your passing to seize the moment? That’s up to them.
  9. What and who would make you smile in the face of your death? If I was the only one that my death really concerned, then I could smile, no prob.  The fact that my death would make so many other people so sad makes it more difficult to smile, per se.  Let me say though… I feel very at peace with God.  And that’s worth a smile.


*got these questions from >> here <<


~ by Eva on February 10, 2010.

3 Responses to “If I Should Die Before I Wake…”

  1. What a lady you are! Loved these.:)

  2. I would regret not having spent more time at the office.

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