Dear Sexy Macbook…

I burn, I pine, I perish for you.

You know how much I want you and need you.  Even the slightest glance into your illustrious Photo Booth makes me want to sell my birth right on the spot.

You are so sexy.  If I could just be with you every day I would die a happy woman.  And a COOL woman… because, Macbook?  You would make me cool.  You are so cool, everything you touch becomes cool.

As soon as I mail this letter into the cyberworld which I can’t yet access through you, I’m going to go pray to the Apple gods for mercy.  Mercy, I tell you.  I’ll pray they spare me from one more day apart from you.

Where are you oh, Macbook, god of all laptops, imparter of “cool,” ruler of all except Word, giver of cyber-life???  Where are you?

Come to me.  Be mine.

Ardently hoping for you,



~ by Eva on February 17, 2010.

8 Responses to “Dear Sexy Macbook…”

  1. Linux > Mac in coolness in my opinion, so much more anti-establishment. 😉

  2. will it be a mac?!?! when you said you were getting a computer the other day, i assumed it was NOT a mac, because you didn’t specify! ?!?!?!
    how exciting. i was just telling doug the other day that as much as i would like mac to be my next computer, i might need to go into the mac store and have them talk me into it, because of the great price increase. 😦 maybe i’ll get to play with yours?

    • There was an edit to the post you are referencing. I mentioned a Mac, but it is yet unknown if that’s what I’ll actually get. I’m waiting to hear from my boss if they’ll be able to stock my new office with a laptop (instead of a desk top). If they can, they I’ll definitely get a Mac. If they can’t, then I’ll get a Dell, because I really, really need to have a laptop that functions with Word to take into my client’s homes with me. So either they’ll get it or I will.

  3. Hahaha…I want a Mac now…:-P

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