Things To Do Before I Die (Update III)

1.  Earn a Ph. D. in Social Work Counseling

2.  Write a book (Potential title: Non-Religious Reasons to do Religious Things)

3.  Live in another non-Western, Spanish-speaking country for at least one year

4.  Become fluent in Spanish another language

5.  Run three one marathon

6.  Play the piano with a symphony orchestra

7.  Live in Virginia (check)

8.  Get another BA or Masters degree

9.  See a flamenco performance in southern Spain

10.  Backpack in Switzerland

11.  Surprise R with a visit Go to Italy with R

12.  Befriend someone famous

13.  Be a psychotherapist/counselor (check)

14.  Work with SMD population (check)

15.  Make All-Conference for soccer (check)

16.  Live on a farm

17.  Hike the entire Appalachian Trail in Fall

18.  Change careers

19.  Give a solo piano recital (check)

20.  Graduate from undergrad with at least a 3.8 (check)

21.  See an opera in the New York Met.

22.  Attend a protest as a participant

23.  Sell (almost) everything I own and start over, simpler

24.  Skydive

25.  Learn to drive in Columbus rush hour traffic (check)

26.  Hug Seoung Joo again in South Korea

27.  Make a friend on all 7 continents

28.  Own a MacBook (check)

29.  This one is a secret.  You’ll never guess.  (Hope I remember.)

30.  Fall in love (check)

31.  Ask someone unsuspecting out on a date.


Total: 31

Completed: 9 (29%)

Uncompleted: 22 (71%)

Last updated:  2/20/10


~ by Eva on February 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Things To Do Before I Die (Update III)”

  1. […] sure some of you noticed that in the post immediately prior to this one (>> this post <<) – the updated list of things to do before I die – I added “Fall in love” […]

  2. You might as well go ahead and check off #12 while you are at it. You do know me. 😉

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