My Very Worst Character Flaws

You know, I just realized that I am most pleased with myself when I’m single.  When there’s no one there acting as a mirror in which you can see yourself? … shoot, you can look as good as you want to in your own eyes.  This is magnified when one is living alone.  Seriously, even when I am grumpy I am the most gracious person when no one is around.  I never snap at anyone when no one’s around.  I’m a real sweet pea all the time!

Single and living alone I am as perfect as a human being can come.  A goddess.

Setting that aside though… I’m going to take a moment right now to remember back when I had flaws.  (see below)

My Very Worst Character Flaws

1.)  Ice – No matter how much I love you, if I don’t want to talk to you… I won’t.  And if I am talking to you in such an instance, I will make sure you know that I don’t want to be.  I refer to it – along with those close to me – as “ice.”

2.) Isolating – I isolate myself.  Can you really blame me though?  Wouldn’t you want to be perfect?

3.)  Worst-case-scenario-thinking – Ugh.  Hang around me too long and that will get old real fast?  This flaw/skill was developed after the massively damaging fiasco of my post-Montana YWAM experience.  I realized that if I didn’t hope, I wouldn’t be disappointed.  You may call me Debbie Downer.  [salute]

4.)  Rampant and destructive self-criticism – Self-explanatory?

5.)  Morose – I think about death a lot!  Haha!  It’s so FUN! (I’m seriously cracking myself up on this one.)


~ by Eva on March 8, 2010.

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