My Very Best Character Qualities

This post is to go tandem with the last one.

My Very Best Character Qualities

1.)  Availability (vs. being closed/inaccessible) – I would particularly reference emotional-availability and attentiveness.

2.)  Contentment (vs. irritation &/or jealousy) – I very rarely complain about anything and generally, I’m pretty peaceful with my lot in life, no matter how it changes.

3.)  Acceptance (vs. judgement) – I really, truly like you for who you are.  I readily “forgive.”  Self-acceptance falls in this category as well.

4.)  Loyalty (vs. unfaithfulness/inconsistency) – I also very rarely talk ill of someone, especially behind their back.  I enjoy and pursue long, meaningful relationships.

5.)  Sincerity (vs. disingenuous) – Truthful, earnest, open, genuine.


~ by Eva on March 9, 2010.

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