I Think About This All the Time

Taylor-Johnson Temperment Analysis.  Another fascinating psychological tool.

The T-JTA measures 9 personality traits and their opposites:

• Nervous ↔ Composed
• Depressive ↔ Light-Hearted
• Active-Social ↔ Quiet
• Expressive-Responsive ↔ Inhibited
• Sympathetic ↔ Indifferent
• Subjective ↔ Objective
• Dominant ↔ Submissive
• Hostile ↔ Tolerant
• Self-Disciplined  ↔ Impulsive


~ by Eva on March 24, 2010.

One Response to “I Think About This All the Time”

  1. I love this test. Jason and I took it before we were married…great indicator on paper of what we experience in life!!

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