Resolving My Myers-Briggs Crisis of Identity

My Myers-Briggs Personality Type:

Introvert –> 75 %

  • (Extrovert –> 25 %)

iNtuitive –> 51 %

  • (Sensing –> 49 %)

Feeler –> 60 %

  • (Thinker –> 40 %)

Perceiver –> 55 %

  • (Judger –> 45 %)

If you’ll notice, the N/S and the P/J perferences are very balanced/close to the middle.  That fact is what I think makes me so cool.  😉  Because I have a well-balanced personality that can easily adapt to/function in relationships/situations with a variety of other personality types, even “stronger” personalities.

The following website is a good summary of the difference between each of the functions:

>> <<


~ by Eva on April 20, 2010.

One Response to “Resolving My Myers-Briggs Crisis of Identity”

  1. It makes sense considering the Tertiary function for an IN is IS and vis-versa.

    That really helped me understand that I’m an ENFP as my Tertiary function is ET (T/F was my most likely flip flop as I took different tests).

    I think the interesting observation that can be made from the Tertiary function is that your S can become both a wonderful strength and a horrible weakness depending on how you combo it with your intuitive side. For instance, if I go back to the conversation we had the other day, I think you had made a judgment about the question you asked me before you asked it based on your intuition. That made you less likely to accept the data that I was feeding you to the contrary of your judgment. Not that I’m saying your judgment was wrong, just that it was imperfect.

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