How to Care for Introverts


~ by Eva on May 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “How to Care for Introverts”

  1. LOVE this! I just wish I could send to former employers who judged my work ability by my ability to speak out and brainstorm in staff meetings, socialize at lunchtime and outside of work hours, and adapt to massively changing work conditions at a moment’s notice.

  2. I see that you tagged your posting “humor”!!

    However, as about the most extreme of introverts this side of autism, I can attest that the listing in your post on how to treat introverts is spot-on.

    In this connection, I highly recommend for any introverts, a book called “The Introvert Advantage” by Marti Olsen Laney (particularly the first 90 pages). I found it of great help in understanding myself. Other introverts I know, have found it as helpful as did I.

    It’s difficult being introverted in an extroverted society. Introversion is real.

  3. Great post. I feel like I should personally give this list to everyone I have contact with.

    Introvert Advantage is great. Also recommend Party of One and Introvert Power.

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