Greatest Idea Ever

Have best friend like mine.

That will make your life so much easier and so much more worth living.

Also… tell her all your shit.

If she doesn’t help you sort it out (mine does!), find another best friend.

Make sure she marries someone fabulous, so that he can help keep you on the straight and narrow too.

Visit her as often as possible.  Even when you work too much.

Ask forgiveness when you screw things up.

And can I just say… she’s been my friend – my *real,* meaningful friend – my whole life.  That is so AMAZING!!  We don’t have a specific anniversary of when we became friends, so today is as good of a day as ever to celebrate that we’ve been friends 25 years and it has gotten better and better with time.

Ode to my best friend… She pulls through in a pinch ~ She can handle knowing my junk ~ She loves me ~  She accepts me ~ She’s always there for me ~ We are two peas in a pod ~ She likes me as much as I like her.

I love you, Best Friend R!  What would I do or be without you?  Ode to you.  You being my best friend is the greatest idea ever.


~ by Eva on July 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “Greatest Idea Ever”

  1. You are sweet my dear friend. Thank you. We should come up with a friend anniversary – what a lovely idea…hmmm do we have any special/significant day that should be designated our “anniversary”? : )

    I laughed at out loud at “tell her all your shit”.

    And yes, I do like you as much as you like me – ahhhh – I will never be able to verbalize what that means to me. I don’t have many people in my life like that…but you are definitely one of them!

    I love you – always have, always will.


  2. What if your “best friend R” wasn’t me and I thought it was …
    how embarrassing for me and awkward for you …
    luckily I know it’s me 😉

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