x3 I Miss This

I ate lunch today at the assisted-living facility where I worked forever.

Sat down with my old resident/friend who always sits alone, because he doesn’t get along with anyone.  We had this conversation at least three times…

Him:  You look so familiar…

Me:  I used to work here.

Him:  Oh!  What do you do now?

Me:  I’m a counselor in Virginia.

Him:  You’re cute!

Me:  Well, thanks.

Him:  Do you have a boyfriend?

Me:  Nope.

Him:  Hmm… wish I was younger.

Me:  [pause]

Me:  Alright… how do you like your Brussels sprouts?

I also got to talk to all my other old people there.  They all remembered me and wanted to talk to me.  It felt like coming home… like coming to a place that you are intimately familiar with and where you are loved.

When I said goodbye to my dinner companion, he said – as he did every single day I worked there, “Do you know which way I go to get to my room?”

I pointed him in the right direction.  And because like all the habits of people you know so well, I already knew what the next question would be, so I said…

It’s room 146.


~ by Eva on August 6, 2010.

One Response to “x3 I Miss This”

  1. this made me think…as i used to think when you would talk or tell stories about MC…you are such a treasure and i hope people see it.

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