I saw my counselor today.  I feel like I talked his ear off.  It’s so weird when that happens.  “Quiet” little me giving a 50 minute GUSH.

I confess, I actually love it when I do that.  It’s like… “Yay!  There’s hope for me yet to someday not be so inhibited!”

One of the things I was rambling about was my list of Things to Do Before I Die and all the things I’m so excited to do and to already have done.

Amidst my ramble, I was also verbalizing and re-realizing something…  I have a vague, but rooted, trajectory in life and a huge part of it is To Adventure.  To see how far I can push myself.  To relate better to those I already love than I ever have before (which is hard work, by the way).  To think.  To move… around my town, my country, the world.  No holds barred.


~ by Eva on August 25, 2010.

One Response to “Ramble”

  1. This is hopeful!

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