Before & After

Last night I slept twelve hours.  That was after my approximate three hours the night before.

Then, today I…

Put away the rest of my laundry (from a month ago).

Finished unpacking (from a month ago).

Finally made some final touches to my kitchen (after moving in a year ago).

Kicked the butt of my bathtub.

And my bathroom sink.

Did my dishes.

Scrubbed (by hand) my kitchen floor.

Swept (vacuumed) my carpet.

Went shopping twice (once for stuff for my kitchen and cleaning supplies, and the other time for some other random stuff (which included HEELS!)).

Made two necklaces.

Made three bracelets.

Ate three square meals.

Changed my license plates (after a year of living here).

Changed the light bulb in the light outside my front (and only) door (again, after it not working for the past year).

Took out my trash.

Last but not least… went running.

And that was all with a ridiculously sore throat and a headache.

All that’s left now is to shower.

Here’s the before and after pictures of my kitchen…


~ by Eva on August 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Before & After”

  1. It’s a lovely transformation. You must have finally had a day off. Glad you had good day. On August 29, I took a two hour morning nap and a 1/2 hour evening nap, did laundry, did dishes, put things away, made beds, and missed a little tiny boy with an amazing personality. We love him. And now I am catching his cold. Oh well, that’s OK.

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