The Bucket

For awhile I pretended I didn’t have a bucket.

Then I thought God was going to fill my bucket.

Then I tried to fill my own bucket.

Then I thought boys could fill my bucket,

But the sand just went right through the bottom.

See, I need a little bit of lots of things to fill my bucket.

Especially the one treasure to fill the bottom,

So all the other sand won’t fall through.

And I have to take care to keep dirty sand out too.

So walk with me, Friend.

We can help fill each others bucket.

And see how lovely that the fuller the bucket…

The lighter it is to carry.


~ by Eva on September 5, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Bucket”

  1. nice post. i like it – the metaphor and the message.

  2. Yeah, this is the metaphor my supervisor always uses when talking about attachment issues. Since that’s what I was discussing, I decided to use the same metaphor. I like it as well.

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