I Stink

I do this sometimes…

I go running

And then I don’t shower.

Currently, I am at Barnes & Noble.

Unshowered and

Stinking!  Phew!

Although, on the whole in the last year, I have improved remarkably in my hygiene.  Seriously, I shower most days… I wear jewelry… I do my hair… I wear make-up at times… I actually dress nice…

I can’t believe this is still me.  It’s so cool.

And for a whole year to boot!

I’ve had phases like this before… you know, I’m like, feeling crummy so I decide that if I put a little more effort into how I look I’ll feel better.  But it has never lasted more than a few months.  And *that* has only happened twice that I can recall… my freshman year in high school and my sophomore year in college.  The rest of my life I’ve done the athletic clothes thing… the pony tail thing… etc.

It’s not that I’ve been pristine the *whole* last year.  But on the whole, I take better care of my appearance (b/c it *does* affect how I feel about myself) the vast majority of the time.  And it’s actually become *more* comfortable.

I even look semi-nice right now.  I just stink.  But this is only the second time I’ve done this (run and not shower right away) in the past year!  Wow!  Cool!  hahaha


~ by Eva on September 10, 2010.

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